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A Fleet of UFOs Sighted Near the International Space Station

Near the space station a fleet of three UFOs was sighted. The first to report the discovery was researcher Marco Pedotti.

After that, well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring commented on the footage.

According to one researcher he reviewed the footage several times believing it to be 100% authentic.

“I’ve reviewed this footage over and over and I can’t see anything wrong with it. It is 100% authentic. When I took screenshots of some of the UFOs… I noticed that they were all blurry and transparent. But a UFO was over land and it looked like a triangle but when focused it is actually a four sided pyramid,” Waring wrote on his blog.

“That’s pretty cool for sure. These aren’t satellites, they shoot incredibly fast. I’ve seen satellites launched before the space station… that’s not. It is 100% alien technology piloted by living entities. ”

Of course, Internet users also actively participated in the discussion. And as expected in these cases, opinions were divided.

Someone was skeptical about what they saw, someone supported the idea that we’re talking about aliens.