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Chinese Lunar Rover Recorded a Strange Alien Walking on the Moon

On the surface, a Chinese lunar rover “caught” an Alien. When the computer dropped an entity to the earth, an invisible creature got through the camera lens. A real armed war with aliens over the planet’s natural satellite is expected by Ufologists. Probes and rovers are exploring the earth.  All of them was working on the satellite’s backside. A 3-meter alien crashed into the window of his camera at some point.The Extraterrestrial being advanced a few meters, knelt down, dropped something on the ground, and then walked backwards. Chinese ufologists spent a long time studying the samples before coming to a shocking conclusion: aliens mined the earth.

According to alternative cosmologists, aliens detonated a bomb on the Earth spacecraft. Representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence are seeking to defend the Moon’s location from obnoxious planetary rovers in quite a drastic manner.

According to Chinese ufologists, aliens are very interested in the platinum core. The Moon is thought by certain geologists and chemists to be the solar system’s richest deposit of platinum. Not only jewelers use this metal. It is commonly used in the design of space technology, especially lasers.

Various Ufologists are dedicated to finding life on Mars. According to certain scholars, it was the members of the red planet that were involved in lunar platinum.

“Martian aliens want precious metal deposits from the Moon. The reality is that they intend to create a large laser that would have an effect on the Planet. This necessitates a significant quantity of platinum, even more than resides in our planet’s bowels.”

Earthlings have two choices: protect the Moon in the battle with the Martians or give up the Earth’s satellite and wait for the ray to destroy the “blue world.” Ufologists are asked by NASA astrophysicists not to “shock” the population. Several probes orbit Mars, but none have discovered any massive structures. The event on the moon was left unmentioned by scientists.