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Hombre Halla Memoria USB That Stored Images Of Planets Y Ovnis Videos

The universe is full of mysteries that none of us could imagine, and if we add the existences of multiverses it simply escapes our reduced understanding but today we are occupied with this interesting case of USB memory and its foreign content

The hallazgo gave him a hombre identified on the Reddit platform as Quisto. The internet user told that he found an extraneous USB memory with an unknown logo. The device was taken from a parking lot in the city of Benau. Near Berlin in Germany.

Upon arriving home, he connected the memory to his computer and discovered images of the space that belonged to many years ago.

This person noticed that the files in the USB memory were not labeled, but it was more foreign, it turned out to be when he started to open the contents of this material.

He immediately understood that he was observing images related to planets and the space of an incredible antiquity, and without knowing it very well, he dated these images about the finals of the 19th century or the beginnings of the 20th.

I watched each file for many hours.

The videos are really impressive. And some demonstrate what seems to be the extraterrestrial presence in the Earth, in the solar system, and in the east

Some images seem to show planes of planets that appear to be edited or darkened, and even time censored. The videos are too rare in their entirety to describe the purpose and commitment.

According to the words of the man who found the USB memory, the images and videos could have been taken from a spaceship.

Most of the archives are very rare, and many think that they might have been taken by someone who suffered an abduction. And he was the testigo in his own flesh of everything that is shown, and that “losing” USB memory was his way of making everything known, anonymously.